For the past 20 years I have felt a calling to a helps ministry doing computer type of support. I have supported several churches and ministries with websites, server maintenance, PCs, and other computer help.

17 years ago, in March 2003 I retired from the USAF and moved my whole family to Hawaii. We joined KBC here not long after in May 2003 and in 2004 I became a deacon here. I feel the Lord called me here and I thought it was to immediately start a ministry in computers. We sold our house in California and Oklahoma and used the proceeds for a business. Not long later, I realized that I needed a job to continue to provide for the family. Within a couple of weeks the Lord provided me that job. For the next 12 years I worked in Government and Industry learning more in IT than I ever knew before. In 2015 when my son graduated from High School, I looked at it as the opportunity to attempt this again, start a business/ministry so I left civil service and did some small business and contracting work. I did this for about a year but then I again moved back to the Federal Government to work at Hickam for about a year.

When the opportunity for full time ministry here at Koíolau Baptist Academy came up in 2017, my wife and I fully agreed that this was the ministry we needed to get involved in. Over the past 3 years, 16 teachers left for other jobs/ministries. Every one of them felt it was the Lordís will for them. I am also sure that this is the Lordís will for me to move on to another job. My wife is not leaving KBA, she will be teaching this next school year. We donít plan to leave the Hawaii any time soon.

At this point in time, my plans are to go back to Federal service to complete my retirement. Iíve applied for 33 job openings and I have had 2 interviews so far. Right now I do not have a job, but I am going forward believing that God will provide again as he always has. After one year I plan to retire from federal service and travel to help churches and other Christian ministries with computer support. My last day of work here at KBA is on June 30th, 2020. I will be here to assist Mr Valladares if needed. I am fully confident that the Lord will use him in this position and ministry. I know that he is fully capable and I am fully confident that many other capable staff will be there to help him. Pastor Woodfin and the other staff and teachers will help him like they helped me. I will also be here to keep working on the network and servers and any other IT issues. I have really been blessed working here. I know the Lord used me to do what he wanted to do. Iíve seen at least 24 students make professions of faith. I know every student that has come thru KBA in the past 3 years has heard the gospel. I pray that God would bless Koíolau Baptist Church and Academy as he has for many years. Thank you.

My name is Ed Habal. Around the year 2000, the Lord laid on my heart to get the gospel out via the internet. That is my goal, to get the gospel out and to see souls saved through this ministry. I plan to assist those with like faith in their internet ministry. Assistance will include any facet of the internet. I believe that the technology available is a mighty tool to reach millions of souls throughout the world -- in hundreds of possible languages. See: for more info.

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